Tuesday, 8 June 2010

15 minute factory gets the royal treatment

Sunday 18th July | 1 Curtain Road EC2A 3JX

| £3 Advance www.wegottickets.com |

£5 on the door | Join facebook group | 15ticket@gmail.com

15 minute factory gets the royal treatment

15 minute factoryLondon’s favourite music and performance party – is leaving its workhouse past behind and heading to the Queen of Hoxton for an all-day Summer session on Sunday 18th July.

Expect the best new music and outrageous performance art in stunning surroundings with 50 artists spread across 3 floors, a roof terrace complete with ukeaoke pergola, one-to-one encounters, a barbecue and a cornucopia of cupcakes.

15 minute factory is an event like no other. Celebrating acts that blur the boundaries between performance, art and music, it brings together the intimacy of a house party, the edginess of an art happening and the mayhem of a warehouse mash-up.

With a line-up of live music, film, djs, vjs, roaming performers, interactive installation, performance art, stand-up and acoustic bliss, Sunday never sounded so good.

Live Music

K Anderson - www.myspace.com/kandersonmusic
5'lesbian music by a boy'

Fiona Bevan
‘Soulful and eccentric’ The Guardian

The Budda Cakes
5‘Vintage Future meets Electro-Accordion and 1984 Walkman’

Katy Carr
5‘hear these siren songs and you’ll be smitten’ Whisperin and Hollerin

5‘chimes with thugs, beats with drones, and mantras with the space of what cannot be said…’

Island Line –
55 ‘beautiful, sunshine folk’ Huw Stephens, Radio 1

Jack Majik
5‘pop promoting freethought through a fairytale theme’

Maya Levy
5‘quirky singer songwriter with a theatrical folk-pop style’

Steph West -
5‘harpist with a love of dancing rhythms, vivid chords and a free flowing melody’


DJ Amila –
5minimal techno

PrimaVolta -
5 Avant Brutalist Euro Disco!


Abstinence and Sensibility – Revolutionshttp://www.myspace.com/abstinenceandsensibility
Video art with live soundtrack

Phil Burton & Craig Cameron-Fisher – Two's A Crowd
5a new twist on the comedy double act

Nic Chalmers – Between My Face and the Wall
5immersive one-woman show

Dummy Company – Glossiahttp://dummycompany.blogspot.com/
...and other less definable acts of ventriloquism

Adam Elliott – The Sandman – be transported back to your childhood by this interactive performance

Jamie Lewis Hadley– this rose made of leather - www.jamielewishadley.co.uk
Don´t try this at home

Infinite Dance Company – Size Zerohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuKJy16jIGo
5Infinite Dance Company confront 'Size Zero'

Beatrice Jarvishttp://beatricejarvis.wordpress.com/
A site-specific performance installation

Stavroula Kounadea – Cow - http://stavroulakounadea.com
A witty one-woman performance on the common ground between women and cattle

Kesha Krutskikh – A Watched Pot - www.keshakot.com
Two playful characters looped in time

Francesca Millican-Slater – Instructions for Heartbreakhttp://www.francescamillicanslater.co.uk/
5Come, Break Your Heart; it’s easy when you know how

nomo – In-flicthttps://sites.google.com/site/00nomo

two women perform to intrude on visual/spatial boundaries

Benjamin Sebastian – Our Lady Violencehttp://www.benjamin-sebastian.com/

'Help?...I have fallen and will not get up.' - Enola Mai

Lorraine Smith – Beloved of Henryhttp://www.silversmithdance.co.uk/
5interactive performance piece with live cello

Lucy Thane – A Sailor Went to Sea to See http://lucyt.wordpress.com
The Seven Seas Wherever I Go

Sally Wyatt - The Lithium Laughter Show, The Army Girl & Mrs Elliot
Laughter is an orgasm triggered when sense has intercourse with nonsense

Interactive Encounters

Claire Blundell Jones – Game of Death
5board game meets board room in tales of snakes, suicide and success

MJ Clay – Boogie Box
55A jukebox with a dancing twist, find your perfect partner to tap your toe to

Holly Revell – Light-Painting Photo Booth
5no need to strike a pose, light washes over you creating a mesmerising portrait

Oliver Hymans

Jenna Rossi-Camus

Roberto Sanchez-Camus

2d artworks

Didi Mae Hand - http://didimae.co.uk
young film-grain photographer of the exotic

Dorka http://coffeeandcigarettes.org
5collages and feminine fashion illustrations fused with 1950s enchantment


Rania Bellou - In Praise of My Shadow - www.raniabellou.com
looped animated video projection

Elizabeth Holly Hurt – In a Sickly Light
5short surreal music film of collected dream accounts

Marcus Orlandi - Triptych 1976
5a solitary moment of drinking becomes a play on Francis Bacon’s famous triptychs

Full Line-Up TBA!
Keep checking site or facebook group for updates!

15 minute factory is the midnight child of Katharine Fry and Jung Eun Yoo

Sunday 18th July | 1 Curtain Road EC2A 3JX
£3 Advance www.wegottickets.com |

£5 on the door | Join facebook group | 15ticket@gmail.com

Monday, 7 June 2010

Music: Katy Carr

Katy Carr is a London based performer and songwriter who plays with her group ‘The Aviators,’ and has three albums released on Deluce Recordings. Expect a touch of the 1940s with a dose of 21st century technology and instrumentation including ukulele, banjolele & an assortment of toy pianos


Music: Fiona Bevan

The sweet, fiery warblings of Suffolk singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan have been compared to Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell and Marc Bolan.

Her band simmer and shimmer, her folk songs are inflected with jazz, and her award-winning lyrics pry into the dark corners of love, with a cast of stumbling party-girls, fickle sailors and forlorn lovers sleeping out in trees.

“Spine-tingling. Fiona Bevan completely transported me” Alex James, Blur


Music: Jack Majik

Freethought is the idea that opinions should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason, not be influenced by authority, tradition, or any other dogma. Through the easily-understood accessible art medium of pop music I aim to inform people more truthfully of the society we are all a part of. Lies. Money. Slavery. Control. Religion. Hate.

I provide the information. You decide what to do with it.


Music: Hyrst

Hyrst make music shaped more by ideas than chords.

Constantly removing the unnecessary, Hyrst marry; chimes with thugs, beats with drones and mantras with the space of what cannot be said.
Hyrst are three people from East London.

Music: Maya Levy

Maya Levy is a singer, songwriter and actress hailing from New York City.

When she was young, her teachers called her Maya Papaya, which she hated because she hated papayas. Her tastes have changed, she now loves papayas and thinks her teachers were pretty clever.

Maya was most recently seen performing her one woman musical mystery, Troiseaux and is also about to self-release her debut album, Historically Inaccurate.

Music: Steph West

Steph West is joined by Tori Handsley: two harpists with a shared love of dancing rhythms, vivid chords and a free flowing melody.

Each brings influences from her respective traditions: Steph - early music, English & Irish folk; Tori: Jazz, Latin and Classical. Together they explore a funky and percussive sound world of tunes, songs and groove.


Music: The Budda Cakes

The Budda Cakes are NeoEX/Steampunk Pioneers.
Dead Kids, Sue Denim, Robots In Disguise ... they all want a piece of this new musical style from London.

The Budda Cakes make you happy, make you smile, make you wanna tell the world about their alternative take on modern music. They are possibly one of the most diverse acts you have ever seen. Their popularity is definitely on the up.


Music: K Anderson

K Anderson plays 'lesbian music by a boy' - confessional, conversational songs about the important things in life – getting older, bad sex, and needing a special someone in your life who can shave your back hair for you.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

DJ: Amila

Dj Amila has been a Dj, producer and promoter for 10 years. Her journey as a creative constantly excites and inspires her and her desire to share this love and passion for mixing and making is insatiable. She is always looking for obscure and rare gems, constantly pushing the sound, the idea and the concept further.


DJ: PrimaVolta

Electronic music that looks to a wider Europe. Discerning and diverse, profiting from the double efficacy of the Do It Yourself methodology and the provocation established by the activist strategy of Punk. Brutalist Euro Disco, Minimal Wave and Avant Electro. Music of the Euro-aesthete, Habsberg Empire sliding into decadence, historical avant-gardes, constructivism, futurism, science fiction.The synthetic sound of the spiritual-punk-psychedelic soul.


Performance: Abstinence and Sensibility - Revolutions

Revolutions projected video art with live soundtrack performance

In the middle of the room a turntable spins. Each revolution reveals the transition of the room as time, people and events unfurl. A live soundtrack featuring accordion, voice and piano interacts with the projection exploring ideas of circuits, speed and scale.


Performance: Phil Burton & Craig Cameron-Fisher – Two's A Crowd

A taste of a new twist on the comedy double act: where a veritable crowd of characters cross and interact with one another in a variety of character-driven sketches; ranging from the intellectual, to the satirical, to the saucy, to the surreal, to the downright silly.

Performance: Nic Chalmers - Between My Face and the Wall

Between My Face And The Wall is an immersive one-woman show, written and performed by Nic Chalmers, with design and dramaturgy by Kate Temple. Set inside a house of proliferating rooms, Between My Face And The Wall is a shape-shifting little beast of a tale: a fragile assemblage of horses, houses and horticulture.

Performance: Dummy Company - Glossia

Dummy Company present a fragment from their new project, Glossia, a series of performances that explore the miscegenation of voices and objects in a series of sound poems, puppet shows, totemic rituals and other less definable acts of ventriloquism.


Performance: Jamie Lewis Hadley - this rose made of leather

this rose made of leather employs repetition as a strategy to expose spectator’s willingness to observe a violent and destructive act. My interest is in examining and testing the moral, physical and emotional contract between spectator and performer. I consider this contract to be most volatile when blood is drawn. (Contains bloodwork / body fluid 18+)


Performance: Infinite Dance Company - Size Zero

Infinite Dance is a brand new company started in 2010 by trained contemporary dancers, Amy Rennie and Kayleigh Lush with the ethos to create a social, political and culturally creative dance platform that is diverse and inclusive. Working and collaborating with various artists and people, Infinite manifests boundless expression through collaboration in digital media and live dance performance.


Performance Installation: Beatrice Jarvis - Passing the Space of Time

To walk the city. To walk the hills. To walk the chalk pit; to see and be seen; to perceive and to be perceived.

To disappoint and command expectation through the weight of each step.

The body as it stands still occupies and consumes space; it formulates a spatial code which conducts and enquires.

The weight of breath as it is pushed through the solid heavy air that engulfs.

I stood. Still on a hill top. The wind consumes my body. It took it and allowed it to rest. I stood for what seemed like years; willing the wind the hold me still. A gaze cast to the sea, feet cemented in the heather field. I watched. The land form took passages of flight; the sand dunes erupted in imminent storms; a passage only of stillness.

I continued to stand.

Performance: Kesha Krutskikh - A Watched Pot

A Watched Pot is a short adaptable performance by Kesha Krutskikh exploring protracted duration, playfulness and miscommunication. Kesha develops characters and the worlds in which they exist, a brand of honest theatre that has a hand-made feel to it. This performance finds two non-characters with overlapping, all in one memories, dreams and gossip, stuck in time, enjoying simple random non-dialogue. The work engages the audience with no dramatic development, contradiction, repetition and/or nonsense.


Performance: nomo - In-flict

two women will manoeuvre their bodies and objects within a space with a series of obsessive missions. the body will interact with objects to generate exaggerated movement, which will force the viewer to focus their attention on a particular part of the body. this will create an in-flicted relationship between body and vision.


Performance: Francesca Millican-Slater

Ever had your heart broken? Ever wanted your heart broken? Everybody needs a little heartbreak in their life... Watch 'Heart Break Expert' Francesca Millican-Slater rip out her own heart and show you how to do it-if its been fixed-lets break it!

Performance: Benjamin Sebastian - Our Lady Violence

Violence is so becoming. Benjamin was born in Australia and has studied in Australia, Germany and the UK. He is a founding member of both The Greestone Group and ArtEvict. The artist’s practice is multidisciplinary in approach and his creative output navigates the dialectic relationships between intimacy and solitude, security and vulnerability, along with individuality and the communal, logic and the irrational. His work attempts to embody a process of Becoming and is greatly influenced by Queer Theory, autobiography and existential/emotional experience. The artist currently lives and works in London.


Performance: Lorraine Smith - Beloved of Henry

Beloved of Henry is an interactive performance piece that embodies the character of Ann Boleyn. This work has developed out of a collaboration between Lorraine Smith and cello player Sophie Rivlin, to create an intimate physical exploration of the volatile involvement with the heir-obsessed Henry VIII.


Performance: Lucy Thane - A Sailor Went to Sea to See

A Sailor Went to Sea to See combines Scripted material, improvisation, costume, props, song and video and invites the audience into a "History-Telling" about my Grandfather, Hubert, who ran away to join the Royal Navy when he was 15 and died when I was 6.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Interactive Encounter: Holly Revell - Light-Painting Photo Booth

Holly Revell is an artist interested in presenting photography as current; the live experience that photography provides it’s subject, as opposed to the end document of what has (or has not) taken place. Her live light painting booth offers participants a sensual and atmospheric experience resulting in a sumptuous time based image.


Interactive Encounter: MJ Clay - Boogie Box

A video jukebox. Select a song, key in the letter to hear it play and find someone dancing just for you.

Movers and shakers unite to dance your hearts out! Disco diva or mellow mover come and be captured on camera to be included in the Boogie box.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Film: Rania Bellou - In Praise of My Shadow

A collection of visual image layers to be read as a narrative within itself. This packaging of the collected visual information often parallels with various media systems, drawings, texts, sculptures and animations. These images are reflections from stories, songs and rhymes of childhood that are then woven with a deep concern regarding the character’s life.


Film: Elizabeth Holly Hurt - In a Sickly Light

Devised and Created by Elizabeth Holly Hurt. Inspired by surrealist poetry and children’s texts, In a Sickly Light is a surreal music film/installation devised from a combination of dream theory and collected dream accounts. The narrative is ambiguous and interpretive; essentially assessing how childhood manifests itself on the subconscious, the point where childhood fantasy becomes sinister, and the desire to save something that will inevitably be lost.


Film: Marcus Orlandi - Triptych 1976

Triptych 1976 is a choreographed video work that plays with the concept of framing and composition. A solitary moment of drinking becomes more about the components of spectacle than the act itself. Inspired by David Sylvester’s interviews with Francis Bacon; an artist synonymous with the triptych.


2d: Didi Mae Hand

Didi Mae Hand is a 21 year old student studying the history of the Middle East and Africa. These areas heavily influence the subject matter of her work, often infused with a love of the Bizarre and a fascination with the grainy coloured photographs of the late 70s and early 80s. The grain and wear of the, intentional and contrived, is often achieved by leaving the negatives in dusty areas for short periods of time.


2d: Dorka

Dorka is a Freelance Artist based in east London. Enchanted with the 50's and 60's, she creates very feminine and sophisticated,fashion related art. Apart from many water media like ink and acrylics she uses mixed media (feathers,fabrics,newspapers etc..)as well as coffee and tea. Her art was described as 'Spirit and soul' in the 'Fat Quarter' magazine interview (March).


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

15 minute factory 2010

We'll be back in the new year with a new format...

15 minute factory will go after dark as an all-night warehouse party bringing you so much more or the best cutting-edge performance and great new music!

Watch this space for updates......!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

15 minute factory mini-festival program

15 minute factory
3-day festival
25 - 26 - 27 September
15 minute factory brings together new and cutting-edge acts from across all art forms, blurring the boundaries between performance, art and music.
Following the success of it debut in May, 15 minute factory is back across 5 rooms for a 3-day festival promising to be bigger, better and bolder with a fabulous new line-up!
Friday (5pm to 1am) and Saturday (4pm to 1am) offer a non-stop experience of live music, performance, art, cabaret, burlesque, stand-up and interactive encounters across five rooms.
Music will shift from gypsy to electro, from post punk, to Jazz folk; Performance will include interactive performance, live art, performance installation, live drawing, live casting, burlesque and stand-up. The Gallery will showcase installation, photography, and painting.
Sunday (1pm to 1am) brings an acoustic showcase and a fabulous art market and craft fair of 85 stalls
Limited Advance Tickets Now On Sale: http://www.wegottickets.com/f/1097
Online Offer- £10 per day : £18 Fri + Sat : £20 all 3 days
On Door - £12 NUS/£15 Friday / Saturday : £20 NUS/£25 Fri + Sat : £25 NUS/£30 all 3 days
Sunday 27th: Door Only £3 before 4pm / £6 after
Glass Magazine Interview with Katharine Fry and Jung Eun Yoo:
Mailing List and Queries: 15ticket@gmail.com
.More to be announced!
Friday 25th
Kissed - Fleassy Malay : Louise Simspon : The Dummy Company : Eirini Kartsaki : Sarah Ruff : Lorraine Smith

Missed - Nick Trepka : Poppy Mallow : Abstinence and Sensibility : 00NOMO : Maya Levy : Madaleine Trigg : Erin Kleh : Jessica Grace

Off the Wall - Dan Arnold : Shkembe Soup : Naked With Horses : Hyrst : P&O with They Said They Saw : Subsecret

On the Wall - Tom G Adriani : Rania Bellou : William Bock : Helena Eflerová : Ruth: Harrison : Lisa Hall : Yoko Ishiguro : Madaleine Trigg : Catherine Maffioletti
Upstairs - Ella Bryant

Film - Alice Anderson : Giada Ghiringhelli : Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly

Roaming - Oliver Hymans: Liam Herne: Astrid Breel

Saturday 26th
Kissed - Mike Wendling : Sally Wyatt : Miss Electra Cute : Adi Lerer : Miss Electra Cute : Sally Wyatt : Deej Fabyc : Francesca Millican-Slater : Betty Bruiser

Missed - Carlos Jimenez : Steph West : Stefania Mylona : The Greestone Group : Tony Volker : Fiona Bevan : The Dead Arms

Off the Wall - Dan Arnold : The Ruby Dolls : The Amy Trade : Young and the Damned : She Is Danger : Heads High : Rotkappchen with Vieciocho : Le Donne : Rachel Parry

On the Wall - Tom G Adriani : Rania Bellou : William Bock : Helena Eflerová : The Greestone Group : Ruth Harrison : Lisa Hall : Yoko Ishiguro : Madaleine Trigg

Upstairs - Ella Bryant : Robin Gardiner : November Games : Sarah Sheerman-Chase
Film - Alice Anderson : Giada Ghiringhelli : Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly

Roaming - Sarah Bell and Alan Sutcliffe: Oliver Hymans : Liam Herne

Sunday 27th
Music Showcase -Jing Wong : The Ruby Dolls : Govinder and the Holy Ukelele : Tony Volker : Steve Smith : Jessica Grace
Roaming - Sarah Bell and Alan Sutcliffe

Art Market and Craft Fair - Creme de la Teas : Fiona Williams : Carte Couture : Jo Cheung : Lucy Cheung & Patrick Gildersleeves : Mariko Otake - Panda Kite : Paula Smith : Rowanne Anderson and Jonelle Leybourne : Saffron Reichenbacker : Savvas Papasavva : Suzie Crisfield : Taz Chappell : Tigz Rice : The Aviary : ZoëDesigns : Ley Ley Designs : Sarah Stokes : Ryoko Takahashi : Sally Miller : Robin Clare : Hideout : Rhiannon Fraser & Amy Proud : Pikine : Momtazbh : Art Is Proof Press : by-louise : My Little Boutique : Joe Whitney : Jasmine Mercer : Helen Bradbrook : Greg Wood : Lady and Small : Petit Chou-Fleur : Crumpet & Skirt : CristalinaIC : Athena Anastasiou : Glittermouse : Miss Amy Phipps : Adeel Ahmed : Flair Design : Orme and Hall : Zippy Lovelock : Lisa Hall and Caron Ottewell : Lucy Noakes : Clara Gomez : fuelled by gin and tea; the work of Harry, Sam and Anna : Marzena Mlodystach-Rudziewicz : Tania Fernandes & Sarah Blick : Kaya Boo : Rebecca Gladstone : Tabatha Gravener : Anitanja Lawaetz : Arts 4 Human Rights : Vicky Scott : Andrea Morreau : SewSmitten : Koiskitchen : Rolfe & Bardsley : Nik Jones : Hayley Bowen : imagebykatie : Sarah Dixon : Jessica Jang, Chie Karakami and Henrietta MacPhee : make do mend

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Performance: Inside - 00NOMO

I n - s i d e
the body
an instrument of expression
two women
a circle created
to communicate with each other
body attachments e x t e n d
movements generate pitches of sounds
communication between
the performers and the audience
a sweet taste
This piece will explore the relationship between the two performers.
Like sculpture, the performance will encourage direct physical engagement with materials.

Asia and Louise are both sculptors forming 00NOMO as a medium by which they could create performance pieces that start a dialogue between two practices that utilize different concepts of materiality and to extend communication from something that is simply visible into something that stimulates senses of taste, hearing and touch and incorporates others in a shared experience.

The performance pieces create a bond of many aesthetics and encourage involvement from members of the audience and other participants. This enables the work to allow others, through becoming part of the creativity and shared experience to tap into a different method of expression within themselves.

Performance: Madaleine Trigg

Madaleine is an experimental performance artist, whose work resides in an exploration of the body and a fascination with design elements. As her practice has evolved, Madaleine has become increasingly interested in sculptural/architectural costume, specifically exploring how different materials interact and condition the performers’ movements and investigating its potential as a fundamental and poetic language of performance.

Madaleine regularly collaborates with the costume designer, Francisca Rios. Francisca has recently been awarded a Master of Arts in Costume Design for Performance from The London College of Fashion, where she presented her Final Performance Project at Sadler's Wells Lilian Baylis Studio. Francisca acts as a freelance designer and has worked with some important members of the industry, such as the renowned choreographer, Marie Gabrielle Rotie.

Madaleine and Francisca's latest collaboration, Sutre, premiered at the Spill Festival’s National Platform on 18th April 2009. Sutre will also feature in Vitoria´s International Theatre Festival (Spain) on the 3rd November 2009, in a new programme which celebrates contemporary Performance Art.

Performance: Little Odds and Ends - Eirini Kartsaki and David Paredes

David Paredes and Eirini Kartsaki find a passion in exploring repetition in performance. They are interested in the ways that experiences of repetition suspend time and create spaces, where they can lift a suitcase a hundred times never to be able to begin the journey, where they type a love letter a hundred times and things are still left to be said, where one they are constantly denying, believing, failing and beginning again.

Repetition expands time and invites the audience to linger in the moment and enter the duration of its experience, to become part of the process of discovery and explore the clefts between our longings and the reality of the everyday.

David Paredes creates work (constructions, performances, installations, photograph) that deals with the nature of frailty, the economy of survival, the physicality of gesture, object and space, the idea of construction. Playfulness, humour and, in a certain way, childhood are the means through which the work attempts to express itself. David has exhibited in various galleries in France and Perou and has recently moved to London.

Eirini Kartsaki writes and performs. Her work, which is about and from the body, explores the thrill and wonder of eroticism, discovering, through the physicality of movement and the repetitive storytelling that, ultimately, what we want is to want.



Performance: Good Morning [me, absent project] - Yoko Ishiguro

Good morning (though you are still in the middle of the 'last night').Now, let’s have a breakfast (though you are about 9580km far away fromhere).

“me, absent project” is the attempt to 'perform' where people can not see my body physically exist. In this project, I want to seek the possibilities of various kinds of existence in so-called 'virtual reality’ and 'reality/nature’ and the matters in between intimacy and the physical distance and the digital and analogue communications.

Performance: Dummies - The Dummy Company

If the machines of the modern world turned you into a ‘dummy’, would you stay silent, or learn to speak again? Featuring ‘Stomunculus the Homunculus’, ‘Dr.Shaboo the Shambolical Shaman’, and many more creatures of the Dummyworld. ‘Dummies’ is a radical rag-bag stuffed with puppets, clowns, automata and porridge, colliding sense with nonsense, adulthood with infancy, sanity with madness.

The Dummy Company are a London based performance group with an emphasis on object and vocal articulation. Alongside 'Dummies' they are working on a puppetry piece for children called, 'Trouble', and an ongoing project inspired by James Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake.'

Performance: Six o'clock Swill - Lorraine Smith

Butoh-based exploration into Mr Punch and the archetype of the drunken old man.

Lorraine Smith, artistic director and choreographer of Silversmith Dance Theatre, is a dance practitioner trained in contemporary and expressive dance, and is part of the Newington Collective, Animate: SPACE and the traditional Palestinian and Lebanese dance troupe Al Zaytouna.

Roaming: Own Me - Astrid Breel

Ever wanted to own a part of someone else’s body?

Here’s your chance!

Within this performance you will be invited to select a square on my body you would like to own, decorate it and take home a representation of it.

In a society where our bodies are constantly manipulated, both by ourselves as well as the media, can we ever be said to really possess our own bodies?

This interactive performance explores notions of ownership and voyeurism in the 21st Century. What does it mean to give up ownership of your body? How much are our bodies worth?
The proceeds of this experiment will go to charity.

Astrid’s work developed from a practical research project that started while studying her MA in Performance Practice and includes performances, interactive live art and installations which explore the visible and invisible signifiers of femininity and the performativity of gender.


Interactive: Post-a-Polaroid - Ella Bryant

Dress up and have a Polaroid photo taken in one of our theatrical sets.

Keep it for yourself or alternatively write a message on the front, an address on the back and we’ll stamp and send it to your special someone.

Interactive: National Poor-trait Gallery - Ella Bryant

Paint a peculiar portrait and have it framed and displayed on the mis-match gallery wall.

Performance Poetry: Fleassy Malay

"If words were weapons, i'd have shot myself in the foot by now" -

Performance Poetry by Fleassy Malay explores the world of politics, sexuality and social interactions whilst marching through the warped tolkien-esque labyrinth of her mind.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Stand-up: The amazing adventures of the suburban Poo baby - Sarah Ruff

Journey into my perverted night visions. Surreal and fake animated Lecture accompanied by live comic narration from the bearded lady of tomorrow Sarah Ruff. Absurd questions are posed about the nature of existence. What would the world be like if it were square shaped? Written, performed and illustrated by Sarah Ruff, Animated and sound design by Ed Currie

Music Installation: Train of Thought - Abstinence and Sensibility

Abstinence&Sensibility present ‘Train of Thought ‘projected video art with a live prepared guitar, piano and melodikar soundtrack. Featuring a cast of tiny model figures, Hornby train carriages, stories of arrivals, departures and the spaces in between.

Abstinence&Sensibility debut E.P. 'Brentford is Well Buggy' (Elementary 2009) available on iTUNES.

Music: Erin Kleh

Kleh picked up a guitar last November and began writing some very qwerky folk music from her bedroom courtesy of a Spanish guitar, a bag of change, a cardboard box drum set, a very nice Macbook built-in microphone and some odd relationships (including one with a "horse head).

She now performs regularly around London with her band and newest collaborative partner, Tash. Many of the songs are autobiographical and unconventional both lyrically and melodically.

DJ: P & O

P&O = Precise and Olson. Two dj/producers hailing from East Anglia- the home of the Hip.

PAST PROJECTS: Formed Plagiawrsts in 1997 with Daddy Addy and Blast (Kushti) and later Mancini. Toured Europe and UK. Residencies: Trader Jacks, Distinction, 93 ft East (sizzler) Released: Mixtapes "Plagiawrists" vol.1 and vol 2, "Wrist Mechanics" (DC Records) with Skye, "Wristy Business" on Deep Concentration 3 (OM Records), 3 DMC UK team finals (1999, 2000, 2001). Formed "Vinyl Dialect" with Emcee Ezra 1994.

Toured UK and Europe with "Ugly Duckling" and "The Creators", Residencies: 93 ft East, Fabric and regular gigs around UK. Releases: "B-Boys Rock th World" EP 1999 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound), "Ouch!" 12" 2003 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound), "Dialect" LP 2004 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound). CURRENT PROJECTS: Vinyl Dialect LP (Untitled), P & O LP "Ocean Liners", Herschel Road (production).

VJ: They Said They Saw

In a mixing bowl, combine bizarre movie cuts & vintage adds until smooth.

Add some oneiric shapes to the mixture and mix well. Stir in sweet cartoons and spice with starship like flashes.

Pour into two (the screens area) screens.

Bake at 120 decibels for (show duration) minutes or until dancers exhaust.