Monday 17 August 2009

Performance: Kiss A - Deej Fabyc

Fabyc will present a slow motion series of incremental gestures in relationship to a lifesize fibreglass double of herself.

Artist Deej Fabyc has been making work for more than twenty years and has shown in places such as the Riena Sofia Museum in Madrid and El Museo Del Barrio in New York. For the past 8 years she has been dissecting dolls and mannequins and reforming them into members of her family and herself in order to engage in performative relations with them, as one aspect of a practice that engages with multiple strategies at the tasks she sets it.

"Try another handle and you might find yourself moving forward into a period when the invasions of psychology became a significantly established point of view in explorations of feminine madness and hysteria. Growing up with a mother who herself spent time in mental health institutions Fabyc uses the vehicle of performance to explore aspects of her own troubled biography, with a forensic eye for the salient details. Like the revelations of psychosis in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s remarkable short story The Yellow Wallpaper (1899), drawing attention to the decorative detail of the domestic space, this object fetishism, is expanded into the very stealth-like adaptive, animal nature of the feminine self involved in strange rituals of self-debasement and escape into the realm of an overactive imagination." Eve Sullivan 2007

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