Thursday, 25 June 2009

Performance: Tentation and Com-mute - Madarms

Madarms is a group of performers who first met and worked with New York-based sound artist, Marina Rosenfeld, in 2005. We compose, play and perform outside the constraints of ‘traditional’ musical forms, using graphic scores, recorded sound and live accompaniment.

Tentation: a timely and surprising 21st century work, choreographed by Anja Doll, with pre-recorded score by Mariko Otake, featuring six tents that move, breed and consume. Tentation draws on contemporary themes from news footage of misplaced peoples to battlegrounds, suggesting the environmental fragility of our world.

Com-mute: shot through with layered images of shadowy, wordless passengers and ebb and flow of tidal waters that wash over repeated patterns, the visual score of Com-mute is a poetic metaphor of the journey of life itself. With string accompaniment.

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