Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Art: Forty Lambert And Butler's And Five Scratch Cards Please - Dan Arnold

Dan Arnold is an artist primarily concerned with the natural world, our place within it and the processes involved. He works with continuous line, film and objects.

The installation was borne out of working in Spar in Bala, North Wales. He needed to do something creative whilst selling fags and scratch cards so built these machines to ‘draw’ during shifts.

Art: Ruth Harrison

Ruth Harrison is a time-traveller who plays with history, memory, sexuality and gender.

In the Victorian era, she is a lady flower painter with modern ideas and a secret life. Her 19th Century botanical illustrations reveal themselves, on closer inspection, as something quite different.

Ruth’s practice encompasses drawing, collage, photography, found objects and the artist herself. She lives mainly in 21st Century London.


Art: Exchange and Presence - Robin Gardiner

Before graduating in Fine Art from CSM, Robin Gardiner worked in animation, film and television.

She is now an artist working in 3D, painting, photography and performance. The scale of her work ranges from large-scale installations to much smaller wall-mounted pieces, both pictorial and sound-based.

A constant in her work has involved covering, veiling or wrapping objects either to obscure or to memorialise them. In “Exchange & Presence” she gives a foot massage to a subject and in exchange they allow her to take a cast of their feet. She then exhibits the casts.

Art: Tom G. Adriani

Tom Graham-Adriani was born in London to Dutch and English parents and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2005. He has subsequently exhibited in a number of renowned galleries including; The Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art, ' A Modern Bestiary' (2006), The Factory Berlin, 'London Contemporaries' (2007), Wiltons Music Hall, 'Book of Phobias' solo show (2008) and most recently, The St Pancras Crypt Gallery, where he both exhibited in and curated 'Tales from the Electric Forest' (2009).

His work is based on the foundation of poetry and illustration. He uses these tools to unearth and explore the tales that creep “unannounced” into his imagination. He sees the work he makes as tangible daydreams and is “fascinated by the process of using pen and ink to render thoughts visible and living a life of their own”.

Art: beautiful fairy tale's prince i'll wait for you under the starlight - Rania Bellou

Once upon a time a princess lived in a faraway and almost forgotten country. She had beautiful blonde hair and green blue eyes. Her ladyship was similar to mountain's fairy godmother and night's elf.

But there was a day that her mother, the queen went ill. Few moments before she died, she showed her daughter a golden apple and told her...

Art: Her|She|Me - Madaleine Heulwen Trigg

Madaleine Trigg is an experimental performer, director and photographer. These interests collide in her work, which is pre-occupied with the images and issues of the female body, using sculptural materials to fashion landscapes and (re) present the body.

Madaleine is currently exploring alternative photographic processes, which enable her to print her images on materials as diverse as glass, wood and metal. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Prague Scenofest (2007) and the ICA (2007/2008).

Live Cinema: GENNAO - Carlos Jimenez (Vieciocho)

GENNAO is a live cinema performance where Carlos Jimenez manipulates films, youtube stuff, noises and music to create a personal universe.
The moment when man landed on the moon is the starting point of an introspective journey through life. A man leaves the city for an unexplored land where he walks alone with his thoughts. The barrier between the audience and the man on screen simulate how societies inhabit our minds. Even when the man its alone he is part of a group which will never dissapear.

Carlos Jimenez works as a digital assistant at the V&A Museum, freelance designer and illustrator. His work has been published in different magazines such as Belio (Spain), I/O Magazine (Germany) and Creative Review (UK) amongst others. He has taken part in different exhibitions in Spain and the UK.
He also does VJ sessions under his alter ego “Vieciocho”. As Vieciocho he has performed in different venues in Spain and the UK such as Secret Garden Festival.

Film: Body Without Organs - Giada Ghiringhelli

Giada Ghiringhelli (b. 1981) is a Swiss videomaker and new media artist graduated in Computer Art at the School of Visual Arts in New York and currently living in London.

Her works explore the images in motion through the manipulation of space, time and movement, while employing light and the body as main compositional elements. Her videos 'Body without organs' and 'Sonopuncture' have been exhibited and screened internationally.

Art: The Last Bock - William Bock

William Bock is a London based visual artist and theatre designer. His practice combines painting and drawing with collaborative projects as part of the theatre collective StrangeWorks.

Currently William is documenting the myriad of stories within his ownfamilyhistory, throughportraiture and the written word. His work is a reaction to thesepersonaldocuments which attemptsto find a visual language to express his place within his family tree.

Film: Longbridge - Marianna and Daniel O'Reilly

“Whatever is perfect suffers no witnesses...”
Copenhagen, St George’s Day 2008. The Institute of Film and Video Studies produced a documentary about a mysterious case of arson somehow connected to the coincidental encounter of three individuals at the famous landmark of Longbridge.

The documentary presents original footage from the only surviving piece of evidence-a video tape recorded by the arsonist who was compiling a video archive spanning years of private surveillance of the citizens of Copenhagen.

Spoken Word: Mike Wendling

Mike Wendling is a writer, journalist and radio producer.

He’s a past winner of the London Writers’ Award and has numerous short story and poetry credits to his name.

Originally from the midwest of the U.S.A., he’s currently working on his first novel – a story of drugs, music and the 2008 election.

Stand-Up: Sally Wyatt

Sally Wyatt is a stand up comedian, writer performance poet and character actor. She writes short plays and performance pieces based around the people often overlooked in society.

She is particularly passionate around public attitudes to mental health and the concept of social norms. Sally believes that there are two types of people in the world the mentally ill and those awaiting diagnosis. She uses observations from her experiences of working in the mental health field and of having Bi-polar herself.

Her work tends to be darkly comical and centres around engaging the audience to see the world through the character’s sometimes warped reality and through humour to try to challenge people’s perspective of normality.

Music: The Ruby Dolls

We are five sirens, who together sing sumptuous a cappella harmonies to classic and modern songs.

And we dance.

And perhaps flirt a little.

Workshop: Pick, Mix and Stitch - Ella Bryant

Pick, Mix and Stitch - A Workshop in purse making: Pick a design, mix a vintage textile with a transferable original image from artists Gwen Burns and Ella Bryant or bring along a favourite image and stitch together your own unique and perfect art-house purse. Cost: £10-15

If you would like to partake in one of the purse making workshops(4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm) please email ellamarybryant@gmail.com to sign up, stating which of the workshops you would like attend. There will be a limited number of spaces.

Workshop: Glass Engraving - November Games

It's fun to engrave onto glass, and not as hard as you might think! Come join us and learn how!

Taught by an experienced, professional prop. maker, you will be led through the engraving process, starting by sketching on a practice piece of glass to get a feel for the tools, before having an attempt at engraving a photo frame.

All for a small cost of just £5

Workshop: Sarah Sheerman-Chase

Drop in and experiment with recycled and found objects to make a unique corsage to brighten up your button hole.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Music: Govinder and the Holy Ukulele

Nick and Joe spent two months in India with a ukulele and a minidisc recorder. The resulting songs tell of their adventures from the bustling streets of Delhi to the giddy heights of the Himalayas. And Jupiter. Jupiter's a fly.


Music: Tony Volker

Tony Volker is a singer songwriter who enjoys the grand as much as the intimate and whose songs are characterised by his intricate acoustic guitar parts wound around into classic pop songwriting structure.

Music: Jessica Grace

An artist of surprising philosophical depth and lyrical brilliance" (Wears the Trousers Magazine).
Jessica Grace's innovative lyrical reflections set to unforgettable musical hooks, are currently all being carefully re-crafted for her first studio (but second) album.

Her debut album, 'Insert Quirky Title Here...', is available for download now at CD Baby.

Stallholder: dottycrayon

dottycrayon jewellery is kitsch, cute and fun. Think bright colours, buttons and barbie shoes!

Price range: £3 - £15

Cafe: Creme de la Teas

Take a moment out and come and enjoy a delightful cream tea or splendid quiche and salad in our miniature kitsch cafe.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stallholder: ZoëDesigns

‘Turning something old into something new’

ZoëDesigns will be selling handmade unique pieces, all very affordable, starting from £1.50. On offer will be greetings cards, purses, hanger bags, cushion covers and some other additions from supporting designers.
Apart from the cards, which are made from about 40% recycled ‘bits and bobs’, all the purses, hanger bags and cushion covers are all made from about 80% recycled material which started off life as something completely different - generally clothes!

Each piece is pretty unique, made from various types of fabric and using buttons and other decorations from old socks to designer dresses!

Stallholder: Ley Ley Designs

Ley Ley Designs offers jewelry created by a Canadian artist Shirley Kwok-Choon. Inspired by re-use, and DIY culture her designs integrate these concepts to fashion.

She take items people think are "JUNK" or broken things. Cleans them up, takes them apart, spreads them all over the house and after a few days of reflection she makes them into newly redesigned pieces. Which are never the same and are always one of a kind ..... she uses earrings, brooches, chains, belts, pins, beads and charms. Anything she can get her hands on!

Everything is reclaimed and recycled, they are not NEW. But it's nice to give Jewelry a new life! Who knew recycling could be fashionable! Please enjoy and recycle/reuse and of course refashion!!!!!

Her goal is to create beautiful things and to give the best customer service. So if there is any need for alterations or extensions that is also possible.

Necklaces: 10 to 20 £Bracelets: 4 to 8 £Earrings: 8 to 10 £

Stallholder: Sarah Stokes

I began painting seriously in the mid nineties when living in Brixton. At that stage I really wanted to change as I was truly tired of trying to escape- the proverbial escape artist!!

Now I suppose my storytelling ‘scapes are an expression of an internal world with influences of the sea and space in a free, fluid and playful way. An awakened, learning to be unattached, moment by moment fashion! I play until I feel happy with them and people can form their own unique connections.
Currently based in Whitstable I’ve exhibited around the UK and sold regularly over the last few years and my work has homes throughout Europe, including Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Majorca, Belgium and Norway.

Stallholder: Ryoko Takahashi

Hand-made one of a kind mosaic earings, candle holders and mirrors.Using various coloured glass, ceramic or mirror to create mosaicpieces.

A pair of earing starts from £10. A candle holder starts from £8. A mirror starts from £10.

Stallholder: Sally Miller

I make a range of colourful and versatile leather goods from bags to belts and hairslides to brooches. Including amazing dog collars and leads! Prices range from £1 to £150. Happy to make work to order.

Stallholder: Robin Clare

My work focuses on discarded objects, chosen for their ability to appear both humorous and vulnerable when taken from their normal environments and ejected into the outside world.

The end products are graphically driven images that fuse stenciled pattern, colour and text along with line drawing creating slightly dark humored paintings about issues that crop up in my daily life.


Stallholder: Hideout

Hideout are a hand screen printed t-shirt company who produce original designs and high quality prints at affordable prices. T-shirts will be £12.

Stallholder: Rhiannon Fraser and Amy Proud

We will be selling original drawings, paintings and printed cards. We will also be showing examples of, and taking commissions.

Prices will start from £15 for unframed drawings, £25 for framed drawings and cards from £1.25!

Stallholder: Pikine

Pikine Accessories - Exclusive Handmade Accessories. Each piece is uniquely crafted using recycled beads and findings, making it an ideal gift for the Eco-friendly woman of today.

Prices ranging from £5.00 to £15.00

Stallholder: Momtazbh

Hand stitched felt brooches, animal rings, iron-on patches, mini art, cards, zines and books.

Prices from £1-£15.

Stallholder: Art Is Proof Press

Screen Printed and Letterpress prints from an eclectic range of designers and illustrators.

Stallholder: by-louise

At by-louise we handmake ceramic jewellry, homewares and accessories all adorned with vintage floral, fluffy animals and tweety bird prints.There is a huge range of all so we know something will take your fancy!

Stallholder: My Little Boutique

My Little Boutique is a treasure chest of beautiful things from cute to kitsch we have a great range of costume jewellery and handbags including beautiful delights by independent designers.

Stallholder: Joe Whitney

My work is largely based on the many inscrutable faces of my character "Crueletta"-here seen representing the traditional theatrical

Comedy and Tragedy masks...sold in pendant, print and paperweight form.

Stallholder: Jasmine Mercer

I shall be selling a range of Limited Edition prints of quirky characters,
prices ranging from £15-£60 and one off brooches priced from £9-£12.

Stallholder: Helen Bradbrook

Stallholder: Greg Wood

Inspired by dream - paintings, drawings, wood engravings and pastel works - originals and prints by Greg Wood.

Stallholder: Lady and Small

Lady and Small - Little company, a lot of fun. Like British gingham nostaligia? Paris weekends? Holidays in Hawaii? Home ware and accessories with a make do and mend feel influenced by places and passed era's.

Stallholder: Petit Chou-Fleur

Petit Chou-Fleur - Beautiful hand crafted textiles from faded vintage fabrics and hand-embroidered tray cloths, along with gift sets made from magpie vintage finds and other beautiful home items.

Stallholder: Crumpet and Skirt

Crumpet & Skirt. Vintage style Gifts, Cards and Wrapping Paper inspired by the 50's Pin Up Girl.

Stallholder: CristalinaIC

CristalinaIC's shop features handmade recycled vintage jewellery, classic vintage bags and other vintage treats such as as cocktail glasses and floral teacups.

Prices range from £3 - £35

Stallholder: Athena Anastasiou

I am selling paintings and prints, figurative paintings mainly, with text also. My work is about life and death and the contemplation of it.

The prices will vary from £20 to £200.

Stallholder: Glittermouse

Glittermouse works with reused materials to create richly decorated items which brighten and enhance interiors in a sustainably aware way. Each item is a unique piece and more than 90% of materials are sourced from household waste or other second hand sources. Mouse has even been known to ‘rescue’ items such as discarded bottles and glasses from the streets in the aftermath of a Saturday night!

At the Miss Me Kiss Me craft fair you will also be able to find a range of one-off pieces and exciting recent developments in recycled crafts! Mouse continues to be on a mission to explore further possibilities for crafts made with recycled goods which you can see along with an even wider range of arts at http://www.glittermouse.co.uk/

prices range from £5 - £30

Stallholder: Miss Amy Phipps

Miss Amy Phipps, knitwear graduate and lover of all things Vintage. Inspired by Russian folk and twenties circus performers Amy uses recycled yarns, vintage uniform braid and hand dyed vintage linens to create a selection of decorative collars, brooches/Accessories 'Sleepy Circus' peg doll characters and quirky trinkets.

Using old fashioned hand work techniques such as Hair-pin-lace crochet and braiding. A recent collaboration with natashabailievintage.com Amy has designed and hand made a collection of 1950's repro' party dresses to tease out the granny in all of us!

prices range from £3 to £300.

Stallholder: Adeels Astrology and Psychic Services

Adeel Ahmed combines Eastern Astrology and dream interpretation with the mystic art of the Tarot in his unique readings, offering you guidance and direction to help you achieve your objectives with ease.

Currently, he writes for Prediction Magazine, is a mystic consultant for many high profile clients within the arts and continues to give readings at various venues in and around London and the South-East of England.

Stallholder: Fiona Williams

A collection of individual, colourful and tactile knitted and hand worked/embellished accessories.

Ranging in price from £20 to £100.

Stallholder: Carte Couture

Carte Couture tailors together a combination of unusual materials (including pvc, vintage lace, metallic foils, flocked wallpaper, snake skin and mock croc) and it's tongue-in-cheek sense of humour to create original artwork and products.

Expect to find prints of sexy pin-up pets, PVC and mock croc fetishists shoe bags, and a range of everyday tote-bags - such as 'The Red Shoes' ballet kit bags, Alice in Wonderland croquet sports bags, 'I Love Beethoven' sheet music bags, any much more.
Price range: Original artwork from £30, Prints from £10, bags from £15.

Stallholder: Jo Cheung

I'm an illustrator from London making original handmade and unique paper goods as well as bags and t-shirts all designed by myself.

Everything is reasonably priced and affordable starting from as low as £1 for a screen printed badge!

Stallholder: Brouhaha

Brouhaha by Alexyi Reneece. My individuality and style come from expressing myself and who I am and not what others think I should be.

The colour, glamour and outrageousness are about metamorphosing from day to night and being part of something that I believe is unique. (Something to get excited about)

My vibrant and unique collection which includes accessories, ties and t.shirts. Contemporary and unique concepts, all are hand made or hand finished items; Initiating a new pace and style led by my passion, attitude and feelings.

Comprises telling a story of colour, delirious glamour and outrageousness. Is sexy, strong and individual for a showy collective that are intoxicating, heady and provocative. (A new mood)

Prices range between £10 to £60.


Stallholder: Lucy Cheung & Patrick Gildersleeves

Small books, nice prints and tea towels in good colours of animal costumes, fighting, camping, murking, shamanism, magic, charming talisman type drawings.

Price range from £1 to £20