Friday, 15 May 2009

15 Minute Factory - Saturday 30th May

15 Minute Factory
Saturday 30th May 5pm to midnight

performance : art : film : live music : djs : cabaret

at The Rag Factory
16-18 Heneage Street E1 5JL (off Brick Lane)

Tickets £8 On the Door or £6 Guestlist
email list closes midnight 29/05/09

Thursday, 14 May 2009


Line- up 


5:00 - 6:15 Showreel  ( Mike Chan, Rosie Carr, Tereza Buskova)
6:30 - 7:00    Jos Co.
7:15 - 7:45   Eirini Kartsaki
8:30 - 9:00   Poppy Mallow
9:15 - 10:00   Nick Trepka
10:15-11:00   Jont 


5:00 - 6:15   Showreel (Selection of Film)
6:40 - 7:00   Roberta Vaz
7:45 - 8:15   Ewelina Kolaczek
8:40 -8:50   Sally Wyatt
8.50- 9.00   Jesse Darling
9:00 - 9:15   Lorraine Smith
9:10 - 9:20   Sally Wyatt
9.20 - 9.30   Jesse Darling
9:40 - 9:50   Sally Wyatt
10:00 -11:00   Showreel ( Mike Chan, Rosie Carr, Tereza Buskova)

*Off the Wall 

6:00 - 6:30   Nick Trepka
6:30 - 7:00   Jont 
7:00 - 7:45   Young and the damned
8:00 - 8:45   Naked with horses
9:00 - 9:15   Daniel Somerville
9:30 - 10:40   Rotkappchen
10:40 -12:00   Bag of Change 

*On the Wall

Ginny Yang: 8.30
Katz Maffioletti:   Throughout
WIll Bock:   Throughout

*5:00 onwards
Harriet Poole : Liam Herne : Oliver Hymans : Yoko Ishiguro : Roberto Sanchez-Camus : Ana Lorraine Lui and Ben Backhouse 

Film: Mike Chan

Mike Chan is a Hong Kong born and London based illustrator, animator and film maker. He went to BA Graphic Design and MA Communication Design in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

His works feature a strong innovative vision in both image making and time-based media.Some of his films have been officially selected in festivals such as DOTMOV festival, The Hidden Arts Festival, The Poetry Animation Shorts at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and EmergeAndSee.

He has created characters of fire and ice. He is interested in the relationship between them. They contradict each other and are unique. The contradictions include heat and cold, dangerous and safe, soft and hard, solid, liquid and gas.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Music: Jont

Over the last ten years Jont, the singer-songwriter and creator of “Unlit” (a unique mixture of a party and a gig that has recently become a global internet phenomenon), has grown from unknown to an artist and cultural catalyst attracting critical acclaim and on the brink of mainstream success.

2008’s “Supernatural” was Dermot O’Leary’s album of the week on Radio Two, and was given 4 stars by UNCUT’s Nigel Williamson who commented on his “achingly lovely melodies” and a voice somewhere between “Jeff Tweedy and Damon Albarn”.
Live appearances followed on Radio 4’s Loose Ends, BBC World Service, and on both Johnnie Walker and Dermot O’leary’s Radio 2 shows. While Dermot declared Jont “a true innovator”, and called Supernatural “a beautiful album”, Johnnie got Jont back to play his show a second time and then later in the year even invited him to his own house to put on one of his increasingly legendary “Unlit” nights.

Art: Masaki Yada

My recent work is the evidence of the visual examination of my ferocious fascination for old masters paintings. While I am interested in several formats that often appear in paintings produced by17th Century Dutch painters, my main focus is on vanitas.

I am interested in not mere realism as it only replicates the exterior of objects but the artist’s interpretation of the objects without intentional exaggeration. I have noticed that the during the process of delineating objects in a visually realistic way, because of one’s own nature and qualities, the imageries depicted by the artists has particular characteristics. My pursuit is to realize my uniqueness, and it is indeed my transgressive act against what has been considered as the current.

Film: Weddings Rituals and Forgotten Marriage - Tereza Buskova

Tereza Buskova is a Czech artist who completed her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2007, having studied at Northumbria University for a BA in Fine Art. She works with print, film and performance.

Her work has been described by critics as being “rich in exotic imagery” and at the same time “confusingly sinister”.

She has won international awards in Estonia and Canada for her vivid and imaginative super 8 film ‘Wedding Rituals’ which focus on the complexities of personal relations and social rituals,
an interpretation of Bohemian marital folklore and the complex narratives of a young bride.

Wedding Rituals, 2007 Super 8 film
Direction, make-up, props: Tereza Buskova Music: Bela Emerson Cast: Vangelis Legakis, Joni Levinson, Zoe Simon

Forgotten Marriage, 2008Super 8 film
Direction, make-up, props: Tereza Buskova Music: Bela Emerson Cast: Zoe Simon, Jaroslav Bartunek

Performance: Down Below - Eirini Kartsaki

Eirini Kartsaki writes and performs from time to time. Her work, which is about and from the body, explores the thrill and wonder of eroticism, discovering, through the physicality of movement and the repetitive storytelling that, ultimately, what we want is to want.

A fictive beginning, a false entrance, a story that begins by repeating itself. Its first time takes place several times of which one, among others, is the last.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Performance: The Typewriters - Roberta Vaz

'The Typewriters' is a minimalist dance theatre performance with a unique soundscape. A dark and yet comical comment on the absurdly impersonal relationships in post-modern societies.

Roberta Vaz is a theatre maker and performer with a background in drama, physical theatre and dance. Her work brings together threads of narrative, visual installation and choreography to create a unique vision based on elements of everyday life, resulting in performances that both challenge and captivate.

Cast: Lorraine Smith, Sonja Bruhlmann, Tzvetomir Lazarov

Sound: Patrick Furness Make up: Katja Siimes Set: Jung Eun Yoo Direction: Roberta Vaz

Performance Installation: Lulu - Ginny Yang

"Make me of what you wish, why else am I there? Only, don't throw me away."

Based on the 1894 play of the same title by Frank Wedekind, "Lulu" investigates the darker side of fascination and the construction of self-identity through interaction with others.
Ginny recently completed her MA in Costume Design at LCF. She is also an illustrator, graphic designer, and lighting designer.

Cabaret: PhOPS-i (post human ontological post serious irony) - Daniel Somerville

Daniel Somerville is a performer working in live art and neo-burlesque with influences from butoh and opera.

He graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama with a 1st in Alternative Theatre and New Performance Practice and is currently studying his MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths. PhOPS-i is a new work which takes a post serious look at serious live art.

Cabaret: Vivian Coma

Vivian Coma was born in london on august 2008 out of Nikoloaos Paravatos' need for exposing folk roots expressed on a city landscape.

The first belly dance performance was commissioned by the burlesque Dark Theatre (sept. '08) in the Jamm club Brixton. Since then, another 14 performances took place in London with the help of more artists. So far, a spoon player, a violinist, a singer and a cellist have contributed to the magically real eastern sound of vivian coma, and more will be invited to join in the future.

Film: Rosie Carr

Rosie Carr is a visual artist from London by way of Brighton, who makes works on paper, canvas, film and video.

Influenced by phantasmagoria, magic lantern shows, and the delights and illusion of early cinema, her current work seeks to discover the ever shifting light and shadow of nature and the clash of humanity in the natural world; whilst exploring unseen gardens and painted skies.

Performance Installation: The Black Gaffa Tape Experiment - Sally O'Dowd

A performance for the navigator, the Black Gaffa Tape Experiment is a continuing investigation into ownership and marked territories.

Within her practice Sally uses her body to investigate her position in the constructed human environment. She is actively interested in navigation and ownership of place and space. She explores these issues in paint, process based print and performance.

Sally O’Dowd is an Irish-born visual artist and performer. She has worked in Ireland and Cyprus, and currently lives and works in London.

Art: Ana-Lorraine Lui

Ana-Lorraine Lui is a London based artist whose multi-disciplinary practice explores the notion of The Poetic Image.

The Poetic Image is an essence that arises out of our temporal experience - the stuff the gives memories and dreams their poignant values. She weaves fragmented narratives that are at times abstract, at times subversive, always sensual.

Art: Benjamin Backhouse

London based artist Benjamin C. M. Backhouse's existentialist photographs explore the isolation of the psyche.

Wandering the city at night, Backhouse captures eerie scenes of empty streets and abandoned spots - non-places that are overlooked and often transient by nature. He aims to capture a sense of isolation by allowing the viewer to explore the photographs, and perhaps to empathise with his own isolation when making exposures.

Interactive Installation: Will It Hurt? - Catherine Maffioletti

The installation will invite participants to wear miniature cameras and interact in a space comprised of props, performers and projections showing the live feeds produced by the participants.

Through interfacing with the multi-media apparatus participants will compose the artwork’s narrative. Enjoining objects, things and others to form an estranged encounter, an intimate, questionably, ocular relationship between the real space and the imaginary site of the screen.

Sound Artist: Jose Sanchez Rivas
Performers/Facilitators: Coromoto Power, Catlin Harrison, Sam Clorley
Film Crew, Hold That ProductionsDaniel Stepney, Justin Hodgett, Ben Titchmarsh, Thom Martin
Photographer: Alan Framil

Cabaret: Sally Wyatt

Sally Wyatt is a stand up comedian, writer performance poet and character actor. She writes short plays and performance pieces based around the people often overlooked in society.

She is particularly passionate around public attitudes to mental health and the concept of social norms. Sally believes that there are two types of people in the world the mentally ill and those awaiting diagnosis. She uses observations from her experiences of working in the mental health field and of having Bi-polar herself .

Her work tends to be darkly comical and centres around engaging the audience to see the world through the character’s sometimes warped reality and through humour to try to challenge people’s perspective of normality .

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Art: The Last Bock - William Bock

William Bock is a London based visual artist and theatre designer. His practice combines painting and drawing with collaborative projects as part of the theatre collective StrangeWorks.

Currently William is documenting the myriad of stories within his ownfamilyhistory, throughportraiture and the written word. His work is a reaction to thesepersonaldocuments which attemptsto find a visual language to express his place within his family tree.

Roaming: Human Notepad - Liam Herne

Sick and tired of getting your comments ignored? Liam Herne is offering the public the chance to have their say in a more personal way. Scrawl, scribble, doodle on Liam’s body, have your opinions seen by all and help him become the Human Notepad.

Liam Herne is a performance based sculptor. He usually presents his work in the mediums of video, photography and performance. He has performed and has had work shown in various locations such as Brighton, Hertfordshire, Northern Ireland and Poland.

Previous performances have seen him trying to grow in height and being wrapped in cling-film to various objects.

Roaming: It doesn’t really matter if it’s actually raining or not–what matters is where the rain is coming from - Yoko Ishiguro

Yoko Ishiguro is a performance maker, performer and actress. She studied psycholingistics in University of Tsukuba and participated in experimental theatre companies in Japan.

In 2005, Yoko Ishiguro started to create her own/collaboration pieces in/out of Japan. Mostly, her works are sight-specific and time-specific andhave been performed to look at“co-existence”, “time and distance” and “individual memories andcollective memory” by distorting the meanings of the venues and relationships between theperformances the audience and bringing some theatrical techniques includingher physical existence and some daily technologies such as the internet andvideo.

Performance: Six o'clock Swill - Lorraine Smith

Butoh-based exploration into Mr Punch and the archetype of the drunken old man.

Lorraine Smith, artistic director and choreographer of Silversmith Dance Theatre, is a dance practitioner trained in contemporary and expressive dance, and is part of the Newington Collective, Animate: SPACE and the traditional Palestinian and Lebanese dance troupe Al Zaytouna.

Music / DJ: Rotkäppchen

Rotkäppchen are an English/German two-piece playing live electronic music (in ‘Nu White Stripes’ style with live drums) as well as doing live laptop DJ sets.

Their tunes are strong, captivating, danceable electro-mash and their stage performances are enriched by sinister costumes that abide by the meaning of their band name (‘little red riding hood’).

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Performance: Egony - Jos Co.

Two women, a man and a canvas.

Inspired by artist Egon Schiele and his muses, Egony is a visual, bodily performance exploring womanhood at the crossroads of love and obsession, flesh and image, togetherness and alienation.

How does someone else’s vision alter us?

Performance: Cutting - Ewelina Kolaczek

Cutting is a work-in-progress by Ewelina Kolaczek of Switch Performance.

A performance of a personal ritual for an intimate audience - memories of cutting away, cutting off from … the moment of decision.

Ewelina is an artist and curator. She often asks you to do difficult things with and/or to her. Consenting or dissenting, you always have a choice.

Photo: Tom Medwell