Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Music: Jont

Over the last ten years Jont, the singer-songwriter and creator of “Unlit” (a unique mixture of a party and a gig that has recently become a global internet phenomenon), has grown from unknown to an artist and cultural catalyst attracting critical acclaim and on the brink of mainstream success.

2008’s “Supernatural” was Dermot O’Leary’s album of the week on Radio Two, and was given 4 stars by UNCUT’s Nigel Williamson who commented on his “achingly lovely melodies” and a voice somewhere between “Jeff Tweedy and Damon Albarn”.
Live appearances followed on Radio 4’s Loose Ends, BBC World Service, and on both Johnnie Walker and Dermot O’leary’s Radio 2 shows. While Dermot declared Jont “a true innovator”, and called Supernatural “a beautiful album”, Johnnie got Jont back to play his show a second time and then later in the year even invited him to his own house to put on one of his increasingly legendary “Unlit” nights.

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