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15 minute factory gets the royal treatment

Sunday 18th July | 1 Curtain Road EC2A 3JX

| £3 Advance www.wegottickets.com |

£5 on the door | Join facebook group | 15ticket@gmail.com

15 minute factory gets the royal treatment

15 minute factoryLondon’s favourite music and performance party – is leaving its workhouse past behind and heading to the Queen of Hoxton for an all-day Summer session on Sunday 18th July.

Expect the best new music and outrageous performance art in stunning surroundings with 50 artists spread across 3 floors, a roof terrace complete with ukeaoke pergola, one-to-one encounters, a barbecue and a cornucopia of cupcakes.

15 minute factory is an event like no other. Celebrating acts that blur the boundaries between performance, art and music, it brings together the intimacy of a house party, the edginess of an art happening and the mayhem of a warehouse mash-up.

With a line-up of live music, film, djs, vjs, roaming performers, interactive installation, performance art, stand-up and acoustic bliss, Sunday never sounded so good.

Live Music

K Anderson - www.myspace.com/kandersonmusic
5'lesbian music by a boy'

Fiona Bevan
‘Soulful and eccentric’ The Guardian

The Budda Cakes
5‘Vintage Future meets Electro-Accordion and 1984 Walkman’

Katy Carr
5‘hear these siren songs and you’ll be smitten’ Whisperin and Hollerin

5‘chimes with thugs, beats with drones, and mantras with the space of what cannot be said…’

Island Line –
55 ‘beautiful, sunshine folk’ Huw Stephens, Radio 1

Jack Majik
5‘pop promoting freethought through a fairytale theme’

Maya Levy
5‘quirky singer songwriter with a theatrical folk-pop style’

Steph West -
5‘harpist with a love of dancing rhythms, vivid chords and a free flowing melody’


DJ Amila –
5minimal techno

PrimaVolta -
5 Avant Brutalist Euro Disco!


Abstinence and Sensibility – Revolutionshttp://www.myspace.com/abstinenceandsensibility
Video art with live soundtrack

Phil Burton & Craig Cameron-Fisher – Two's A Crowd
5a new twist on the comedy double act

Nic Chalmers – Between My Face and the Wall
5immersive one-woman show

Dummy Company – Glossiahttp://dummycompany.blogspot.com/
...and other less definable acts of ventriloquism

Adam Elliott – The Sandman – be transported back to your childhood by this interactive performance

Jamie Lewis Hadley– this rose made of leather - www.jamielewishadley.co.uk
Don´t try this at home

Infinite Dance Company – Size Zerohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuKJy16jIGo
5Infinite Dance Company confront 'Size Zero'

Beatrice Jarvishttp://beatricejarvis.wordpress.com/
A site-specific performance installation

Stavroula Kounadea – Cow - http://stavroulakounadea.com
A witty one-woman performance on the common ground between women and cattle

Kesha Krutskikh – A Watched Pot - www.keshakot.com
Two playful characters looped in time

Francesca Millican-Slater – Instructions for Heartbreakhttp://www.francescamillicanslater.co.uk/
5Come, Break Your Heart; it’s easy when you know how

nomo – In-flicthttps://sites.google.com/site/00nomo

two women perform to intrude on visual/spatial boundaries

Benjamin Sebastian – Our Lady Violencehttp://www.benjamin-sebastian.com/

'Help?...I have fallen and will not get up.' - Enola Mai

Lorraine Smith – Beloved of Henryhttp://www.silversmithdance.co.uk/
5interactive performance piece with live cello

Lucy Thane – A Sailor Went to Sea to See http://lucyt.wordpress.com
The Seven Seas Wherever I Go

Sally Wyatt - The Lithium Laughter Show, The Army Girl & Mrs Elliot
Laughter is an orgasm triggered when sense has intercourse with nonsense

Interactive Encounters

Claire Blundell Jones – Game of Death
5board game meets board room in tales of snakes, suicide and success

MJ Clay – Boogie Box
55A jukebox with a dancing twist, find your perfect partner to tap your toe to

Holly Revell – Light-Painting Photo Booth
5no need to strike a pose, light washes over you creating a mesmerising portrait

Oliver Hymans

Jenna Rossi-Camus

Roberto Sanchez-Camus

2d artworks

Didi Mae Hand - http://didimae.co.uk
young film-grain photographer of the exotic

Dorka http://coffeeandcigarettes.org
5collages and feminine fashion illustrations fused with 1950s enchantment


Rania Bellou - In Praise of My Shadow - www.raniabellou.com
looped animated video projection

Elizabeth Holly Hurt – In a Sickly Light
5short surreal music film of collected dream accounts

Marcus Orlandi - Triptych 1976
5a solitary moment of drinking becomes a play on Francis Bacon’s famous triptychs

Full Line-Up TBA!
Keep checking site or facebook group for updates!

15 minute factory is the midnight child of Katharine Fry and Jung Eun Yoo

Sunday 18th July | 1 Curtain Road EC2A 3JX
£3 Advance www.wegottickets.com |

£5 on the door | Join facebook group | 15ticket@gmail.com

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