Sunday, 6 June 2010

Performance Installation: Beatrice Jarvis - Passing the Space of Time

To walk the city. To walk the hills. To walk the chalk pit; to see and be seen; to perceive and to be perceived.

To disappoint and command expectation through the weight of each step.

The body as it stands still occupies and consumes space; it formulates a spatial code which conducts and enquires.

The weight of breath as it is pushed through the solid heavy air that engulfs.

I stood. Still on a hill top. The wind consumes my body. It took it and allowed it to rest. I stood for what seemed like years; willing the wind the hold me still. A gaze cast to the sea, feet cemented in the heather field. I watched. The land form took passages of flight; the sand dunes erupted in imminent storms; a passage only of stillness.

I continued to stand.

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