Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Live Cinema: GENNAO - Carlos Jimenez (Vieciocho)

GENNAO is a live cinema performance where Carlos Jimenez manipulates films, youtube stuff, noises and music to create a personal universe.
The moment when man landed on the moon is the starting point of an introspective journey through life. A man leaves the city for an unexplored land where he walks alone with his thoughts. The barrier between the audience and the man on screen simulate how societies inhabit our minds. Even when the man its alone he is part of a group which will never dissapear.

Carlos Jimenez works as a digital assistant at the V&A Museum, freelance designer and illustrator. His work has been published in different magazines such as Belio (Spain), I/O Magazine (Germany) and Creative Review (UK) amongst others. He has taken part in different exhibitions in Spain and the UK.
He also does VJ sessions under his alter ego “Vieciocho”. As Vieciocho he has performed in different venues in Spain and the UK such as Secret Garden Festival.

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