Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stallholder: Ley Ley Designs

Ley Ley Designs offers jewelry created by a Canadian artist Shirley Kwok-Choon. Inspired by re-use, and DIY culture her designs integrate these concepts to fashion.

She take items people think are "JUNK" or broken things. Cleans them up, takes them apart, spreads them all over the house and after a few days of reflection she makes them into newly redesigned pieces. Which are never the same and are always one of a kind ..... she uses earrings, brooches, chains, belts, pins, beads and charms. Anything she can get her hands on!

Everything is reclaimed and recycled, they are not NEW. But it's nice to give Jewelry a new life! Who knew recycling could be fashionable! Please enjoy and recycle/reuse and of course refashion!!!!!

Her goal is to create beautiful things and to give the best customer service. So if there is any need for alterations or extensions that is also possible.

Necklaces: 10 to 20 £Bracelets: 4 to 8 £Earrings: 8 to 10 £

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