Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stallholder: Papasavva

Papasavva marries together sculpting, designing and filmmaking; feeding of the tension it creates to inform his methodology of making. A constant outcome of his practice is the building of wooden and bespoke filming equipment, using craft and carpentry techniques to produce alternatives to standard industry equipment. These devices include things such as a compactable animation rostrum or a camera dolly that both dismantles and demonstrates joinery principles.

He uses the equipment in a range of different ways, either employing them in movie making workshops or animation lessons, to enhance the filming and animating processes when the equipments are not normally accessible. But also to provide a backbone to a fantasy production company he calls Miscellaneous Productions. The production company is a context in which he can operates creatively though collaboration and explore substantial and disparate activates. It Provides continuity, autonomy and anonymity as well as the freedom to explore collective community practices, to make artists’ documentaries, comedies and wildlife films.

On display at this fair are examples of various wooden filming devices as well as DIY manuals and video example of the equipment in use.

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