Monday, 17 August 2009

Performance: An Impossible Prison - The Greestone Group

The Greestone Group is a fluid collaborative of artists whose combined practice interrogates concepts of emotional experience and social representation. Through the centralizing of The Body while recognizing irrational as well as logical processes in communication and experience of life, the artists explore issues of identity along with interpretations of gender, language and power.

Founded in 2007 by the artists Fabiola Paz, Joana Cifre-Cerdà and Benjamin Sebastian, the groups’ practice backgrounds span dance, music, science, drama and fine art. The Greestone Group is a signifier of social, emotional and geographic dislocation and marginalization. Collective influences range from Poetry, Myth, Literature and Film, through to Feminist and Queer Theory, Modern/Post-modern and Contemporary Philosophy along with Sociology and an uneasy interaction with Psychoanalytical Theory. The Greestone Group champions the transformative qualities of art and culture and strives to maintain space for change, thought and feeling.

The collaborative’s most recent project: An Impossible Prison turns a conceptual and concerned eye upon the notion of trauma and emotional pain and suggests that while bodies, our bodies, continue to exist and uphold current social systems, such bodies may not (ever) be free. In this context ones own mind and body, ones own heart and existence become a conceptual prison. As the work unfolds, questions of acceptance and futility, imprisonment and liberation, remain open and unanswered.

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