Thursday, 20 August 2009

Performance: Inside - 00NOMO

I n - s i d e
the body
an instrument of expression
two women
a circle created
to communicate with each other
body attachments e x t e n d
movements generate pitches of sounds
communication between
the performers and the audience
a sweet taste
This piece will explore the relationship between the two performers.
Like sculpture, the performance will encourage direct physical engagement with materials.

Asia and Louise are both sculptors forming 00NOMO as a medium by which they could create performance pieces that start a dialogue between two practices that utilize different concepts of materiality and to extend communication from something that is simply visible into something that stimulates senses of taste, hearing and touch and incorporates others in a shared experience.

The performance pieces create a bond of many aesthetics and encourage involvement from members of the audience and other participants. This enables the work to allow others, through becoming part of the creativity and shared experience to tap into a different method of expression within themselves.

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