Thursday, 20 August 2009

Roaming: Own Me - Astrid Breel

Ever wanted to own a part of someone else’s body?

Here’s your chance!

Within this performance you will be invited to select a square on my body you would like to own, decorate it and take home a representation of it.

In a society where our bodies are constantly manipulated, both by ourselves as well as the media, can we ever be said to really possess our own bodies?

This interactive performance explores notions of ownership and voyeurism in the 21st Century. What does it mean to give up ownership of your body? How much are our bodies worth?
The proceeds of this experiment will go to charity.

Astrid’s work developed from a practical research project that started while studying her MA in Performance Practice and includes performances, interactive live art and installations which explore the visible and invisible signifiers of femininity and the performativity of gender.

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