Monday, 17 August 2009

Performance Installation: A Thousand Lost Walks - Beatrice Jarvis

Fields of the city that can be rambled through, as pastures of a forgotten dream scape, those who see the city through such sad eyes,, though who murmur quietly in their sleep of dreams unfilled. The city can act as a container for our dreams, a maze in which we can act out our fantasies in flights of fancy and fluxus of uncertainty.

This piece is an exploration of a series of long walks around the city, walks of contemplation, walks of regret, and walks of certainty, walks home and walks to some where else. I have amassed an archive of memories, movements, footage and images from which I have collated a homage to the spaces I passed. I am keen to develop work that probes this relationship and encourages a more thoughtful and considerate relationship to the gritty underside of the metropolis, parts of the city which have quickly become neglected in favour glossy high rise buildings which are devoid of sentimentality and their only memory as architectural symbolism.

The work explores how movement can be utilized to develop a response to my experiences of the metropolis. The performance will be of calm intense nature exploring both the extremities possible of the human body from stillness to frantic, composed to contorted, breathless and calm, and the extremities of the space, from the darkest corner to the lightest pathway. I am drawing on elements of ballet, Tai Chi, Gyrotonices, Primal Modern Movement and Graham technique to piece together of personal cartography of daily urban experience.

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