Thursday, 6 August 2009

Music: The Amy Trade

Born from a fusion of everything that is good about the rock scene of the last decade, The Amy Trade have hit London hard and fast with their own brand of raw, relentless, good time rock and roll.

"Brilliant songs" James Jam, NME
The Amy Trade took their song-writing cues from the likes of The Wildhearts, Symposium, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day and Ash, to create a simple ideology: if it sounds great, they'll play it. Pounding drums and thumping bass lines, layered with crunching rhythms and lead riffs to die for. Top it all off with instantly infectious pop melodies and intricate harmonies and you're left with a sound that shows no shame towards its musical heritage but a sound that is still distinctly, uniquely, The Amy Trade.

The Amy Trade: They will pound you with beautiful noise.

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