Wednesday, 19 August 2009

DJ: P & O

P&O = Precise and Olson. Two dj/producers hailing from East Anglia- the home of the Hip.

PAST PROJECTS: Formed Plagiawrsts in 1997 with Daddy Addy and Blast (Kushti) and later Mancini. Toured Europe and UK. Residencies: Trader Jacks, Distinction, 93 ft East (sizzler) Released: Mixtapes "Plagiawrists" vol.1 and vol 2, "Wrist Mechanics" (DC Records) with Skye, "Wristy Business" on Deep Concentration 3 (OM Records), 3 DMC UK team finals (1999, 2000, 2001). Formed "Vinyl Dialect" with Emcee Ezra 1994.

Toured UK and Europe with "Ugly Duckling" and "The Creators", Residencies: 93 ft East, Fabric and regular gigs around UK. Releases: "B-Boys Rock th World" EP 1999 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound), "Ouch!" 12" 2003 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound), "Dialect" LP 2004 (Bad Magic/Wall of Sound). CURRENT PROJECTS: Vinyl Dialect LP (Untitled), P & O LP "Ocean Liners", Herschel Road (production).

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