Friday, 7 August 2009

Roaming: Incomplete Picture - Sarah Bell and Alan Sutcliffe

An interactive live art piece, Incomplete Picture explores the nature of storytelling and documentation. Hosted by a lost vaudeville compere who finds herself in the unlikely company of a guerrilla street artist, the piece draws on audience suggestion, whether mundane, superfluous or just plan ridiculous and utilises these to begin navigating a path through a kaleidoscopic landscape of fragmented narratives.

Juxtaposing verbal and visual methods of communication, the piece also explores our changing relationship to cultural forms of expression, in particular to counterculture such as graffiti art. Traditionally an expression of rebellion and a statement of individuality, graffiti art and become a desirable aesthetic, decorating clothing and café walls and commoditised by mass media.
Reflecting our struggle to root ourselves in a world where our points of reference are constantly shifting, Incomplete Picture invites you draw on everything you’ve ever known as it embarks on a frenetic scramble to a finish line that doesn’t exist.

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