Thursday, 20 August 2009

Performance: Little Odds and Ends - Eirini Kartsaki and David Paredes

David Paredes and Eirini Kartsaki find a passion in exploring repetition in performance. They are interested in the ways that experiences of repetition suspend time and create spaces, where they can lift a suitcase a hundred times never to be able to begin the journey, where they type a love letter a hundred times and things are still left to be said, where one they are constantly denying, believing, failing and beginning again.

Repetition expands time and invites the audience to linger in the moment and enter the duration of its experience, to become part of the process of discovery and explore the clefts between our longings and the reality of the everyday.

David Paredes creates work (constructions, performances, installations, photograph) that deals with the nature of frailty, the economy of survival, the physicality of gesture, object and space, the idea of construction. Playfulness, humour and, in a certain way, childhood are the means through which the work attempts to express itself. David has exhibited in various galleries in France and Perou and has recently moved to London.

Eirini Kartsaki writes and performs. Her work, which is about and from the body, explores the thrill and wonder of eroticism, discovering, through the physicality of movement and the repetitive storytelling that, ultimately, what we want is to want.

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