Thursday, 6 August 2009

Music: Heads High Soundsystem

Dreamt into being as a challenge to the 20 year long reign of the DJ, the Heads High Soundsystem places the record selector in a whole new context, encouraging him to interact with live musicians as a co-creator rather than placing him on an autonomous pedestal above the crowd.

An ambitious project, the Soundsystem was born out of early Heads High club sessions which saw DJs Duke Etienne and Cal Jader improvise with a host of musicians, producers and vocalists. Striving for a more controlled, repeatable experience, the Duke formed the Soundsystem as the primary carrier of the Heads High message.
Having long been inspired by early reggae soundsystems and movements such as Afrika Bambaata’s Zulu Nation, creating a musical collective based upon the DJ was a natural step. The twist being the inclusion of live instrumentation and interactive visuals. Fronted by vivacious Kingston (JA not UK!) born songstress Connie Bell, the Heads High Soundsystem builds new forms on the solid foundations laid by their musical ancestors. Get on board.....

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